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The Royal Marine Public House is situated in Lyne Village, just outside Chertsey, Surrey.  It has been a pub since the mid 1800's.

Visitors to the pub quite often ask us why it is called the Royal Marine, being that our location does not appear to have any obvious links to either the sea or the military.  This was the very question that we asked when we took over the pub!

The best that we could come up with was to ask the person who had been living in the village for the longest.  The explanation that we were given is as follows:

Apparently, way back in the early/mid 1800's, there was a large detachment of Royal Marines based on the nearby Chobham Common.  During that time, Queen Victoria paid a visit, and reviewed the troops.  This was quite a grand event, so to mark the occasion, the "new" beer house in nearby Lyne village was named The Royal Marine.

In our bar area we have a copy of an old ordnance map the survey for which was carried out in 1863.  The village at the time did  not have many dwellings, but on the road that is now Lyne Lane, the Royal Marine BH (Beer House) is clearly shown.  This in some way at least indicates the age of the pub.

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R Marine Ltd trading as the Royal Marine Public House   Registered in England & Wales No 7596060
Registered Office:  23 Canford Road, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2HH


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