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Ales Previously On Sale
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As we are a freehouse, we have no obligation to stock any one brewery's products.  We take full advantage of this and our supplies come from a number of different breweries across the country.
Over the years that we have been running the Royal Marine, our reputation for stocking and keeping good quality beers has grown.  We pride ourselves on the diversity and variety of the ales that we offer all year round.
Shown below are some of those ales that we have provided.

To check out the ales that we have had from various other breweries, click below on the first letter of the brewery's name.
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Click on a brewery name below for further information.

Adnams Brewery
Batemans Brewery
Blacksheep Brewery

Brains Brewery
Brakspears Brewery
Churchend Brewery

Cottage Brewery
Courage Brewery


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