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    We stopped serving meals with chips about eight years ago.
    At the time the only method of cooking chips quickly and to the required quality was to deep-fry them.
    Cooking technology has developed considerably over time and we are now able to produce chips without having to use a deep fat fryer.
    We have been testing a new method of cooking which produces the same quality results, but in a much healthier fashion.
    We had a “Trial” Menu for a couple of weeks, where we tried out the new method of cooking.  It proved to be very successful, so we are now able to go ahead with a revised menu which includes French Fries.

    Please take a look at the  Food Menu  page on this site.  You will also be able to view a printable pdf version of our new menu.

  2. On Sundays we provide a fantastic roast lunch.   Normally, it will be either Roast Pork, Beef, Lamb or Chicken.  These are accompanied by the normal trimmings ie Roast potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding and Vegetables.  

    All of this for only £7.95

    Why not pop in and try it !

    Meals are served from 12 noon until 2.30pm